Nvidia GeForce 526.47 beschikbaar voor o.a. Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Driver nieuws, pc

Het is tijd voor een nieuwe videodriver vanuit Nvidia, om precies te zijn GeForce 526.47. Daarmee krijgt een drietal titels een Game Ready-status: Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Victoria 3 en WRC Generations – The FIA WRC Official Game. Aansluitend is ook F1 2022 voorzien van DLSS 3-ondersteuning, al was dat met de vorige driver reeds het geval.

526.47: nieuwe titels die Game Ready zijn
  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure
  • Victoria 3
  • WRC Generations – The FIA WRC Official Game

Opvolgend zijn er wat specifieke problemen verholpen met Cyberpunk 2077, bepaalde hardware, GeForce Experience Shadowplay/Gamestream en NVIDIA Image Scaling.

526.47: Fixed issues
  • [Cyberpunk 2077] In game map may display corruption [3829994]
  • Dell XPS 9560 may crash and reboot when using desktop applications [3737715]
  • [RTX 30 series] Lower performance in Minecraft Java Edition [3702953]
  • 165Hz refresh rate option not availlable on Samsung Odyssey Ark monitor [3840122]
  • When using two or more monitors, GeForce Experience Shadowplay/Gamestream may select the wrong monitor [200633408]
  • Videos played back in Microsoft Edge may appear green if NVIDIA Image Scaling is enabled upon resuming from hibernate or booting with fastboot. [3624218]

Dan resteert de lijst met openstaande kwesties, bestaande uit problemen met HDR, wat professionele programma’s en een aantal games.

526.47: Windows 10/11 issues
  • Toggling HDR on and off in-game causes game stability issues when non-native resolution is used. [3624030]
  • [DirectX 12] Shadowplay recordings may appear over exposed when Use HDR is enabled from the Windows display settings. [200742937]
  • Monitor may briefly flicker on waking from display sleep if DSR/DLDSR is enabled. [3592260]
  • Maxon – Cinema4D + Redshift3D vidmemory allocations cause TDR or Driver Crash [3659104]
  • RedCine-X Pro potential crash while working with effects during video playback [3809401]
  • Desktop Window Manager (dwm.exe) service may report higher GPU usage on some RTX 30-series configurations [3830387] Workaround: disable Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling from the Windows Settings
  • VTube Studio may crash to black screen [3838158] Temporary workaround: Delete the file VTube Studio Data\Plugins\x86 64\GPUManagementPlugin.dll
  • [Forza Horizon 5] Some PC configurations may see rainbow like artifacts in game after extended gameplay [3685123]
  • [Daz Studio] Application crashes after updating to latest driver when trying to run simulation [3838022]
  • [Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II] Flashing corruption can be seen randomly while playing the game. [3835099]
  • When both NVIDIA Low Latency Mode is set to Ultra in the NVIDIA Control Panel and NVIDIA Reflex is set to “Boost + Enabled” in a game, the graphics card will not return to idle clock speeds after exiting the game until the PC is rebooted. [3846389]

Voor alle informatie omtrent GeForce 526.47 kan je een blik werpen op de release notes. Via Nvidia’s officiële website kan je terecht voor de download, waaronder voor Windows 10 (64 bit) / Windows 11.

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