Review: ASRock X670E Pro RS

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Schappelijk geprijsd 8.4
Score 8.4
Schappelijk geprijsd 8.4
Score 8.4
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  • Interesting, mine did not come with the M2. active fan heatsink for the “Blazing” PCIe Gen 5 NVMe slot, only the low profile passive one.

    Thanks for reviewing one of the least expensive X670E boards! I did find that I needed to raise the memory sub-voltages shown in the lower half of the 2nd/middle of 3rd of the BIOS pics listed. For me, 1.25, 1.20, 1.20, 1.15 had my Corsair/Samsung b-die 5600 running at the ideal 6000Mhz completely stable. Before this, even the rated 5600 speed wasn’t stable and resulted in many hung reboots. I believe this to be an issue with the AMD chipset meant to run only 5200 speed memory native and those voltages are set by default to accommodate that speed so perhaps this may help others trying to run higher than 5200 memory.

    Otherwise, this board is the 2nd least expensive x607E board available, only the one step lower ASRock board costs less than any out there so considering the price it is fast and stable board!

    • Hi Daniel,

      The M.2 active fan heatsink was added as accessory/showcase by ASRock. This is not standard, but for review purpose.

      It has a fair price for X670E – thanks for sharing your insights!


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